Separated Kashmiri families organize enemies of India challenge in Islamabad

The partitioned Kashmiri families composed a challenge exhibit in Islamabad against the proceeded with lockdown and other harsh measures being taken by the Indian troops in involved Kashmir. 

The show held at D-Chowk and was gone to by a large number of Kashmiris including ladies and kids. 

The show was likewise planned for drawing the world consideration towards the progressing attack and compassionate emergency in involved Kashmir. 

The dissidents conveyed banners of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir just as bulletins and pennants with trademarks reproving Indian brutalities in involved Kashmir. They additionally recited mottos against India and for opportunity of Jammu and Kashmir from Indian occupation. 

Tending to the nonconformists, the speakers said that the Kashmiri individuals rejected Indian one-sided choice to disavow extraordinary status of Jammu and Kashmir, focusing on that they would proceed with their obstruction against unlawful control of their territory by India. 

They said that rejecting the unique status of Kashmir was against the UN goals just as against India's very own constitution. 

They requested of the global network, particularly the United Nations to approach and urge India to stop its assault against the Kashmiris and settle the Kashmir debate by enabling them to practice their entitlement to self-assurance.

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